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Full Dentures

Full dentures designed and manufactured by Jeff Gitsham at C.F.D.C at Sumner.


Here at C.F.D.C the most important opinion is yours, for this reason you will be expected to be highly involved in the process of selection of tooth colour, tooth shape and tooth size. This is done to ensure that the patient and the clinician are happy with the final product.

Partial Dentures

Much like a full denture our partial dentures are custom made to suit you and your requirements. The most common complaint is visible clasps. We do everything we can to accommodate aesthetics and will ensure we try to make your smile as pretty as possible.

Mouth Guards

A poorly fitting Mouthguard will affect your ability to speak swallow and breath during your sporting event.


C.F.D.C. Mouthguards are custom molded to fit your dentition and trimmed by our professional hands to achieve the perfect fit for protection, comfort and function.


Any color, any pattern is doable. Single, Double or Triple layered as required.

Chrome Framework

We use a high quality laboratory in Brisbane for our chrome framework. They have been in business forever and are fantastic at making sure your chrome framework is light and functional.

Chrome framwork is more expensive so why choose it? It generally is thinner and more biocompatible for the denture wearer. Check with your denture prescriber to see what suits best.

Dental splints

If prescribed by your dentist a custom made dental splint can be locally designed and manufactured promptly and with care.

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