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Centenary Family Denture Clinic will design your custom made denture focusing on the areas of aesthetics, phonetics and function personally tailored to your needs and concerns throughout the fabrication process.

The most important opinion is yours, for this reason you will be expected to be highly involved in the process of selection of tooth color, tooth shape and tooth size. This is done to ensure that the patient and the clinician are happy with the final product.  

Only the highest quality acrylic teeth will be used in your personalised treatment plan.

By choosing to have your full or partial dentures manufactured by C.F.D.C., you are choosing an Australian made product with our personal quality guarantee.  


A full upper or lower denture or both is designed to replace all natural teeth that may have been lost due to trauma, disease or decay.

Full immediate dentures can be manufactured and inserted immediately following a clearance (extraction of remaining teeth) by a dentist. This is the best option for the patient as the denture base will help the healing process of the gums and will alleviate some of the mental stress of the process and assist eating following the procedure. This needs to be done in cooperation with a dentist who we have structured professional relationship with. 

Full Dentures

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